Welcome to the Fudoushin Bujinkan Dojo

Fudoushin "不動心" means "immovable spirit or heart" and is a concept that Hatsumi-sensei has consistently talked about throughout the years. It's a state of true inner strength and stability that comes from experience and from truly knowing oneself. It is only from a state of fudoushin that one can become zero and that one can hope to attain true peace and happiness.

The Fudoushin Bujinkan Dojo, headed by long time Japan resident Pete Reynolds, is focused on studying, exploring and sharing the martial arts of Hatsumi-sensei. Class is held in central Tokyo at the Nanakura Jinja in Nezu every Friday from 11:00-13:00.  (Directions) Additional classes available upon request for 4 or more people (Contact).


Pete Reynolds:

  • Training in the Bujinkan since 1986 (38 years)
  • Living and training in Tokyo, Japan since 2000 (24 years)
  • Bujinkan Dai-shihan Award Recipient
  • Bujinkan Yushu Shihan Award Recipient
  • Bujinkan Buffu Ikkan Award Recipient
  • Bujinkan Gold Medal Recipient
  • Leads a weekly class in central Tokyo (Nanakura Jinja, Nezu)
  • Since 2001 has conducted seminars internationally in the USA, Sweden, Germany, England, Greece, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia, and Israel
  • Classes and seminars primarily focus on exploring and sharing Hatsumi-sensei's budou, message, and feeling
  • Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida (USA)


What Pete's peers have had to say:

I first met Pete many years ago in Japan and first impressions count. Pete is an awesome person with high standards and morals and I felt a true connection with him as a human being! Pete is diligent and a dedicated budoka who has developed his skills, knowledge and understanding of the Bujinkan Martial Arts over a long and ardous journey living in Japan and studying with the Grandmaster and the top Japanese Shihan. Pete is internationally recognised as a respected Martial Arts teacher and trains with purpose and direction. Anyone who has the pleasure of training with Pete will soon realise his skills and expertise that has been truely mastered!! My impression today still stands and I am thankful of his friendship and training experiences.
-- Simon Gaunt (New Zealand Shihan, Bujinkan Hiryu Dojo,)

Thanks Pete for your class in Japan. It was great seeing and feeling your insights from the many years you have been studying under Soke Hatsumi. I can feel a connection there in your teachings. I highly recommend others to attend your class when visiting Japan or when you are teaching abroad. It is wonderful having someone like yourself living and training in Japan to help with the understanding of the Bujinkan. I will definitely be visiting you, your dojo and a good meal with you on my trips. Thanks again my friend!
-- Dan Ordoins (American Shihan, Bujinkan Life Dojo,)

"Pete's dedication to training is really evident in his comprehensive understanding of Soke's use of structure and movement to achieve the effortless power we all seek in our taijutsu. Please train with him when you get a chance for an inside track on how to build solid habits in your training!"
-- Oliver Martin (American Shihan, Maten Dojo,)

"I trained at Pete's dojo during my last trip to Japan, and it was the best gift, I could give myself. He opened a completely new door for me, and gave me a lot to work on, for my future development. If you want to work on your taijutsu, go see Pete! He brings Soke's teachings down to earth."
-- Henrik Hoejager (Danish Shihan, Bujinkan Mushin Dojo Ringsted)

"I've trained with many Shihan at many seminars and while they were were good, it was never quite the same as the feeling in Japan. I recently hosted Pete for a seminar here in Europe and it was absolutely the same feeling as training in Japan. I was able to take so much for my own training and a month later I am still impressed!"
-- Sascha Uvira (German Shihan, Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Wirges)

"I've known and trained with Pete since he's been in Japan and I make sure I get to train with him whenever I'm there. It's a pleasure to be floored by him, he has a great understanding of what Soke is trying to get over to the rest of us!"
-- Norman Smithers (English Shihan, Bujinkan Kouryuu Dojo)

"Pete has an awesome perspective on Soke's movement. I have known Pete since he started training at age 19. His many years in Japan have been spent crafting his superb understanding of taisabaki."
-- Phillip Legare (American Shihan, Onibujin.com )

"Everyone should train with Pete! A very sophisticated view of Soke's movement + An ability to teach that view = Great Stuff!"
-- Ben Cole. (American Shihan, Co-author, Understand? Good. Play!)

"I attended training for myself when Pete Reynolds came to Wirges, Germany. In my opinion, he brought the feeling of training in Japan with him. His focus and perspective put into words what I had been trying to find in my training and feeling with Soke. He opened the door for me in that way, I could finally walk through with something concrete in my head, as concrete as such fine sensitivity can allow for when you talk such subtle and internal concepts"
-- Sheila Haddad (American Shihan, LivingTheWay.com")

"Thank you to Pete for a great class. I highly recommend training with Pete to anyone coming to Japan to help understand Soke's feeling!
-- Joel Everett (American Shihan, Chutohampa.blogspot.com)

"I have seen many high graded shihans in my time, but Pete really impresses me. His understanding of Soke's budou is amazing."
-- Tony Miller (German Shihan)

"Pete studies with sincerity. He is a practitioner with balance. This balance is Shin Gi Tai. Training with Pete will help you understand these essential components to follow the way of the True Bujinkan Bugeisha."
-- Duncan Stewart (Australian Shihan, Shugyo "Budo for Life")

"I'm back from excellent training with my friend and old training partner from South Florida, Pete Reynolds. I highly recommend training with Pete when you come to Japan. Pete has been a local resident since 2000, and is an excellent instructor with a great understanding of Hatsumi-sensei's budou."
-- Felix Diaz (American Shihan)

"I always enjoy training with Pete. He has great taijutsu, his movement is relaxed and subtle."
-- Joe Maurantonio. (American Shihan, Publisher, Ninpo: Wisdom for Life)

"I strongly recommend training with Pete to all who want to develop good taijutsu. He helps you understand Soke's budou, and how to develop balance, making it much more understandable to our eyes. When I go to Japan, I always train with Pete, and I recommend attending classes at his own dojo."
-- Diego Gallardo (Shidoshi, Unmei Dojo Finland)