In my humble opinion, Soke isn't teaching us how to fight, he is teaching us how to live! He just happens to be doing that through the medium of martial arts/"fighting". Don't lose sight of the big picture by getting bogged down by the medium. While we should all strive to be the best that we can, "fighting" is only one facet of living and surviving, not living itself!

-- Pete Reynolds

News / Updates

Videos Available
Two seminar videos are now available for purchase and download, Sweden 2013 & Sweden 2014.

Sweden 2013 Seminar
Video Details: 720p HD, 2hrs 11min, ¥3,500

Sweden 2014 Seminar
Video Details: 720p HD, 3hr17m, ¥3,500

Sweden 2013 & 2014
Both videos, ¥5,000

Please, see HERE for PayPal and download instructions.

Travel Schedule
After a very succesful trip to Europe and Israel in February, Pete is now working on travel plans to the United States and Canada this coming Autumn 2015. Please see the sidebar to the right for dates and links to upcoming scheduled events.

If you have an interest in training with Pete in your area please, feel free to contact him HERE.

Bufu Ikkan Award
Pete was honored to receive the Bufu Ikkan award in the Summer of 2014. The award came at a point that marks 28 years in the Bujinkan and 14 years living and training in Japan.

Bujinkan Gold Medal
Bujinkan Gold Medal recipient Spring of 2011.