My goal with this site is to help share the martial arts and philosophy of Hatsumi-sensei. Additionally, I want to let people know about training opportunities both here and abroad with me and the other Japan foreign residents. We have a very rich talent pool of dedicated practioners living here including but certainly not limited to Doug Wilson, Rob Renner, Jason Godwin, Robin Doenicke, Paul Masse, Steve Olsen and Bruce Appleby. They all have their own very unique experience and have real value to offer. Very few people have spent as much time with Hatsumi-sensei as this group. Please, get out and train with them. It can only improve your taijutsu!

-- Pete Reynolds

News / Updates

Travel Schedule
Pete will be traveling to Canada and the United States in September 2014. Please see the sidebar to the right for dates and links to scheduled events.

If you have an interest in training with Pete in your area please, feel free to contact him here.

Bujinkan Gold Medal
Pete was honored to receive the Bujinkan Gold Medal from Hatsumi-sensei in the spring of 2011. This award came at a point for Pete that marked 25 years in the Bujinkan and 11 years living and training in Japan.